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Hedge Fund Overview

Hedge Fund Overview

A hedge fund is an investment company that profits from the price fluctuations of various financial instruments on stock markets.

The fund’s capital consists of the private and institutional investors’ assets. It is managed by financial professionals with the use of proprietary strategies and algorithms.

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MILLSFIELD CAPITAL is a reliable partner among many options on the market

When investing in the MILLSFIELD CAPITAL International Fund, you receive a return in foreign currency and assure the growth of your savings. You will confidently beat the actual inflation rate.

The fund is listed with a reliable European broker.

Investors’ funds are held in segregated accounts (European and American banks), which provides a high level of security. Our time-tested trading system makes MILLSFIELD CAPITAL a reliable investment partner.

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How it Works
  1. Investors acquire an interest in the hedge fund through the purchase of its shares.
  2. The hedge fund manager manages the assets.
  3. The value of the hedge fund shares changes depending on the profitability of its transactions.
  4. Investors profit from changes in the value of the hedge fund shares.
  5. An independent audit company calculates the value of the hedge fund shares quarterly

    Investment Protection

    MILLSFIELD CAPITAL is listed with a reliable European Prime Broker, that is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

    Investors’ funds are held in segregated accounts (European and American banks), which provides a high level of security.


    Performance Fee - 20% of the fund’s revenue

    The Success Fee is taken quarterly.

    Management Fee - 1% per year

    The Management Fee of 0.25% is charged on the total amount of assets quarterly.

    Withdrawing Dividends

    Investors can withdraw their dividends at the end of the quarter. They can also sell part or all of their shares back to the hedge fund by notifying the management company.

    How to Become an Investor

    1. Open a brokerage account.
    Fill out the form on our website and we will help you open a brokerage account with the European Prime Broker.

    2. Fund your brokerage account.
    After opening a brokerage account you will receive the contract and the payment details that you can use to make a foreign currency transfer at any bank of your choice that offers international SWIFT transfers.

    3. Review our Memorandum.
    All rules and regulations concerning the investment activities of our hedge fund are covered in our Memorandum. The investor needs to familiarize himself with the Memorandum, before the next step.

    4. Subscription to the fund.
    To purchase our hedge fund shares, the investor signs a Subscription Form by contacting the management company.

    5. You are now a shareholder.
    Congratulations, you have become a shareholder of MILLSFIELD CAPITAL Hedge Fund!

    If you have any questions, please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible
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