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About Us

MILLSFIELD CAPITAL Hedge Fund dates back to 2013 when the Financial Manager and Founder of the fund combined his know-how and best practices into a single capital management strategy. Thanks to the financial success of his strategy, the number of investors willing to join the fund has been steadily increasing and prompted us to search for the most convenient and secure way of collective investment. The structure of the private investment fund allowed us to create an easy way of utilizing our strategy while securely protecting our investors.

Today there are many options for investment solutions. However, we believe that discretionary portfolio management within a hedge fund is the best way to meet the demands of a wide range of investors, providing them with the opportunity to get the best possible return on their savings with the least involvement in market instability.

The main goal of the author’s fund strategy is to make a profit regardless of market dynamics. By promptly responding to the changes in stock markets, we are able to make financial management decisions in the most efficient way. The fund specializes in Western stock exchanges, so our investors receive profits in foreign currencies, and their funds get invested in the most liquid and reliable stock market instruments.


To this day there is still a significant amount of frauds and financial pyramids in the investment environment. When creating this fund, we focused on finding the most reliable counterparties with an impeccable reputation. MILLSFIELD CAPITAL s.r.o. - The Hedge Fund is registered in the Czech Republic and has a license №2021/069104/CNB/570 from the Czech National Bank. It is also listed with a well-known and regulated European Broker headquartered in London. Prime Broker is a member of the Malta Stock Exchange; it is regulated by MIFID II (“Markets in Financial Instruments” EC Directive) and licensed by MFSA III Category, FCA, CySEC, SFC.

We consider our reputation to be our fund’s most valuable asset. We are well aware that people often trust us with their children’s future. Therefore, each decision we make must take into account not only high expected returns but also the lowest possible risk. We are confident that with this investment policy we strengthen our customers’ trust year after year.

Yield chart of the trading system
Millsfield capital

100 000$ Minimum
Management Fee
2% per year
for management
Perfomance Fee
20% (quarterly success fee)
commission for success

Quarterly Reporting

At the end of each quarter, the fund is audited by an independent European audit company. After the audit report is completed the value of the fund’s shares is calculated and reflected in the statistical graph on the trading platform. Investors can see their accrued profits in the transaction table and decide whether to withdraw or reinvest their dividends.

The investor can request a detailed audit report that discloses these statistics and all of the fund’s transactions for the last quarter. Full or partial withdrawal can be made only at the end of the quarter after the value of the fund’s share was calculated.


Terms & Conditions

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